Term 4 Newsletter 2016

From the classroom – End-of-Year celebration

On 3rd of December West Auckland Montessori Primary had the annual End-of-Year Celebration with the class presenting their insight and knowledge of Roman history and civilization: Gods and Goddesses, march of the Roman Soldiers, and even an abbreviated version of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar was delivered, among many items. The lunch afterward was provided by Aloisio Brazilian BBQ (info@bbqcatering.co.nz) and its mouthwatering yumminess was truly appreciated by everyone.


Even more amazing than the presentation on the day was the organisation behind the scenes that had been accomplished by the students in order to create this event, e.g. making props, powerpoints, coordination of scenes, making invitations etc. The presentation itself only represented a sliver of the work and learning that had occurred beforehand for the students, and it was amazing to see what they were capable of. Of course, huge gratitude must go to the teachers: Claudine, Samantha and teaching assistant Claude.

From the classroom

The students of room 17 have been extremely busy in the past weeks with a wide range of activities and new learning opportunities. Hats off to their capacity to adapt to a dynamic environment. 

They have sat for appraisals, participated in school athletics, explored scientific concepts and facts, and conducted their own experiments, researched new concepts, choreographed dances and created plays and props for the cultural programme, and memorised their scr

Upcoming meeting dates and events:

Term 1 2017 begins Thursday 2nd February and ends on Friday the 15th of April

Trust meetings will be held monthly every second Saturday in 2017, beginning February 11th, parents are welcome to attend.

The trust will meet in January for a strategy and finance meeting. 

New trustee elections will likely be held in the May – June period, please consider nominations; there will likely be three places available. 

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A word from WAMT…

Phew, what a year… capped off with the amazing end of year celebration by the children!

2016 was busy – new teachers, new principal and new fee structure. We’re feeling positive about the year ahead with these fundamentals in place and see the real possibility of building an even stronger Montessori environment at Huapai. We’re sorry to see some friends go and look forward to welcoming new families on board. Over the years the class has grown and the class has contracted; what remains constant is that individuals thrive (spoken by a parent who has seen a decade of these changes).

 2006 cohort2013 cohort

2016 cohort

The warmth and commitment of Claudine, the vision and passion of John and the potential for fresh knowledge from Karen are a powerful combination for 2017. With your support, we are looking forward to supporting this team as they create an environment and capability for the full potential of Montessori independent learning and exploration at Huapai.

Claudine and KarenJohn Petrie

In term one we’ll be having another open day, and we are hoping to kick off first half of the year with a strong focus on community development and fundraising.

So thank you everybody.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year, 
Haydn, Mel, Christine, Paul and Brendan.


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