You can enrol at Huapai Montessori at anytime. We recommend starting the enrolment process with plenty of time before your child turns 6, so that you can schedule class observations for yourself and also enable timeous class visits for your child before they start.

Please contact us to find out more and we can send you more information and the enrolment form.

Enrolments & Eligibility

We accept enrolments from any age. Your child will start at Huapai Montessori Primary in the transition phase between their preschool and Montessori Primary. The transition phase can start between the ages of 5 – 6 dependant on their readiness which is determined by their preschool & our Montessori primary teachers. Transitions will include observations at preschool and communications with primary lead teachers, parents and lead preschool teachers.

A few months prior to your child’s start, there will also be visits to Huapai Montessori Primary to familiarize your child with their new primary environment. The aim is to transition your child effortlessly into their new class.

The teachers will review a child’s readiness to move from preschool to primary. This review is in the form of one or more school visits.

  • Your child has at least two years Montessori preschool experience.
  • Your child has built up their pre-school sessions, so that by 4 ½ they are attending 5 half days and by 5 years old s/he is attending at a minimum 4 full days per week.
  • Each application will be considered by the Teachers, the Trust and the School Board on an individual basis.
  • We welcome older children transferring in from Montessori primaries out of town or from overseas Montessori schools. Where possible, a classroom observation will be scheduled for the teacher to assess the child’s educational level and self-directed learning ability.
  • We intend to provide places for brothers and sisters of pupils currently enrolled. The sibling should nevertheless have the required Montessori preschool experience.
  • Children with Montessori backgrounds who have attended mainstream schools since leaving Montessori preschool may apply. An enrolment decision will depend on the eligibility and suitability of the child.

Special needs: The school reserves the right to limit the number of children with diagnosed special needs to ensure we can meet their requirements as well as the needs of our existing children. The school will maintain a workable Montessori class in the interests of all children attending.

We unfortunately cannot accept a child who has had no Montessori experience whatsoever. Montessori preschool prepares the children for the primary class in many ways. For example, children learn to respect the equipment and become used to working independently and purposefully. Montessori preschool also helps children learn to manage themselves and their environment and the primary environment builds on these skills.

Cohort Entry

Huapai Montessori has moved to a cohort-based classroom entry/transition policy.

  • New students will be entering the class at the beginning of Term One and Three.
  • Students will generally be expected to join the Cohort that starts immediately to them turning 6.
    • Those students who turn 6 before the start of Term 3 would enter the class as part of the Term 1 Cohort; and
    • Those students turning 6 on, or after, the start of Term 3 would enter the class as part of the Term 3 Cohort.
  • This will help children by having them start in larger groups, and help the teachers manage the diverse groups over two classrooms.
  • As always, these are general guidelines and are not expected to cover exceptional cases, nor the entry of older students into the room.


For more information about enrolment and donations please contact us.